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Contamination by Anotherjaneway Teenage Audience [PG-13]
    The Eden Project struggles with a new crisis following rediscovery...
Snippets: A Series of Missing Scenes by untapdtreasure General Audience [G]
A series of connected oneshots that act as a 'missing scene' for each episode...
If I Run by untapdtreasure Teenage Audience [PG-13]
As it was, they'd shaved three days off their original route. No body died...
Impossible Dreamer by TesubCalle Teenage Audience [PG-13]
Post 'All About Eve'. Eden Advance looks for answers after Devon's sudden illness...
And Around We Go by untapdtreasure Teenage Audience [PG-13]
He stared into the fire, letting its flames consume him. Every time he touched...
As G-889 Turns by Inga Teenage Audience [PG-13]
A continuing soap opera set in the Earth 2 universe.
Shout Box
04/01/12 06:09 am
So glad to find this page still around
01/11/10 11:37 am
I've finally gone and written my first E2 fic. May it be the first of many.
04/07/09 09:24 pm
great site I love earth 2
04/07/09 09:09 pm
great site I love earth 2
08/04/08 02:30 pm
Don't worry. Stories are slowly beeing transfered... So I think it will be here someday...
07/06/08 11:58 pm
What? No "Danziger's Ghost?" That's my favorite Katherine Tate story - my all time favorite fanfic , as a matter of fact.
03/28/08 04:53 pm
Since some "guests" have abused this functionality (spam), now only users can shout. All users posting spam will be deleted. Andy
03/19/08 07:59 pm
Nice site!
02/22/08 01:09 pm
Hi Elisa Victoria Australia.
02/22/08 01:08 pm
Hi Elisa Victoria Australia.

Welcome to 'new' Andy's Earth2 Fan-Fiction site !

Since I have no time to administrate my old site, I decided to install eFiction software and try to import all old stories from my old site. Old site is still there on old address (which probably lead you here), but I hope I will transfer stories in next few months. So for now you can use old site ( for old stories, and this site for new stories.

I have already transfered all old users. This accounts are at this time locked.

Old users
If you are one of old users, please contact me on my email, so that I can unlock your account. Also please let me know if you will find enough time to transfer your stories from old site.

I hope this new site, will allow us to share E2 fan-fiction more efficiently.

I will need some co-admins to help my with some administration of this site and also with transfer of stories. If you are interested please contact me.
Take care and enjoy Earth 2.


Note: If you need help, I am online a lot, on different messenger. Don't be affraid, just click me and I will help.

Skype: andyrozman
Random Earth 2 Quote

Julia: "It’s like fear of the dark when you’re young. Only now being old enough to know the dark is real, and it’s coming after you. And maybe – just maybe – it is you."

   Church of Morgan

New Host/Moderator for Earth 2 []
Posted by Patti on 15/08/2013 15:11:44

Hello everyone.  My name is Patti Keiper and I live in the United States. Andy Rozman has been kind enough to grant me a volunteer hosting admin post for the Earth 2 section of his website.

Status of site []
Posted by Andy on 24/02/2009 01:13:06
Hi !

So it's been little over a year, since this [new] archive came online.

I am afraid that we are still transfering stories from old site, but we are at 47% right now... I know it...
Site is waking up, new administrator []
Posted by Andy on 08/05/2008 13:48:57
Hi !

It seems that our small site is growing... We got another administrator...

Please welcome Pauline Kerr our new administrator... She has been happily transfering stories from...
New Administrator []
Posted by Andy on 02/03/2008 22:46:09
I am very glad to announce that we have new administrator on the site.

Please welcome Amanda Chapman to our Administrator group...

This means that new submissions will be processed much...
Some additions to site (Edited) []
Posted by Andy on 10/01/2008 15:48:13
Hi !

As you have maybe noticed there are some new features on the site.

Random Earth2 Quote - here you see each time you refresh your browser new E2 quote

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