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Small Update ! [28th December 2016]

I had to move site again (internally), so things might not work 100%. While this site might be dying, Efiction Earth 2 archive is still going strong, and getting even some new stories...

I still haven't managed to transfer all old stories, but I hope to get them on other site soon.

Thanks for your visit.

New Fan-fiction Archive ! [28th December 2007]

After several tries to fully automate this site, we have finally reached the point where this happened. Few days ago I installed efiction software on this site and transfered all authors there and created Categories (according to timeline). New site is now opened for "bussiness". If you are old author, you will have to contact me, so that I can unlock your account (all accounts have been locked because of security).

I will start with transfer of stories after new years eve, but since there are over 400 stories here it will take a while. If you are old author, please help me, with transfering your own stories.

If you have a lot of time on your hands and are willing to help with transfer, let me know since in near future I will select few administrators who will help me with maintaing of the new site.

Ok. So off you go. Address of new site is:

That's all folks.
Andy (E-Mail)
December 2007

Good Earth 2 Links [changed 29th December 2016]

New Addresses for my pages are:
Andy's Earth 2 FanFiction Archive (Efiction) - Andy's Earth 2 Page -
Earth 2 Fan Fiction Archive -
Earth 2 Fan Fiction Archive FTP -
Stories not added to E2 FF Archive -

About this site !

Welcome to Andy's Earth 2 Fan Fiction Archive. Here are available most of stories sent to list and also some others. If links don't work please notify me and I'll try to fix them. This site is updated when I have time for it (I try every second month). If story is not-available (no permission) you must ask writter for it (send him message with clicking on his name and hope he/she hasn't change E-mail). Ziped stories are ziped with PKZIP 204g, which is also compatible with Info Zip's Zip and WinZip, or any similar program. FF Archive consists of 5 pages with timeline and stories, but if you would like to link this archive to your pages, please link just main page (US or Europe).
All comments, suggestions or any other things are welcome on my E-mail:

Comments and Date column

On site are certain coments in coments column. This comments show status of story or site that story resides on.
N.F.x = not finished, now at part x
N.A. = not available (I don't have them)
N.P. = no permission
Date column is rather new invention. 'Cause some complained not knowing which stories are new I added this column, so now anybody can know which stories are new. What do letters mean:
A - Before 1st September 1996
B - Update on 4th September 1996
C - Update on 18th November 1996
D - Update on 12th February 1997
E - Update on 4th July 1997
F - Update on 4th October 1997
G - Update on 4th January 1998
H - Update on 4th March 1999

Timelines and other stuff

This page is created from my timeline and if you wish to have text version of timeline and writers list click here and if you wish to have Chris's and Anne's timeline click here.
Mooncross bookstore is curently not opened, so I think stories are either available via this pages or directly on FTP site.
Here are also available Story summaries written by me (but it's better that you read stories first and then this, 'cause it could ruin all fun, this should be just for help if you can't remember what story was about).

How to get this stories directly from FTP

This stories are now available directly by FTP. To access this stories start your FTP software and then go through folowing steps.
1. Type 'open'
2. After time computer will ask for username: type 'anonymous'
3. For password, just answer with your E-mail
4. Access fan-fic directory with 'cd /pub/fan-fiction/earth2'
5. Type 'bin' for binary files (stories are ziped)
Now you can download stories. Please at first read file descript.txt, if everything goes OK you'll see this message when you enter this directory. What names of stories represent, you can see in file (my timeline). You can get file by typing 'get <name-of-file>'

For Fanfic writters:

If you find problem with any of your stories, like I have it on my page without permission, wrong name or something similar, contact me ASAP. Thanks for all good you have done, by writting your stories (and I am sure I speak for everyone).
If you would like to send stories to archive encrypted (coded) here is Public key for PGP (Pretty Good Privacy), but I don't see any use of doing that (but you can, if you want, PGP encoded message must be sent to

Have a lot of fun reading this stories. Andy (Aleksander Rozman)

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Andy or
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So what can you find on this Fan-Fic pages:

Fan-Fiction Page - Part 1

Before First Contact

First Contact (Days 0-4)

The Man Who Fell To Earth (Two) (Days 0-4)

Life Lessons (Days 0-4)

Promises, Promises (Weeks 1-3)

Memory Play (Week 3)

Natural born Grendlers (Week 4)

Water (Week 4)

The Church Of Morgan (Day 38)

The Enemy Within (Day 49)

Redemption (Day 51)

Moon Cross (Day 61)

Fan-Fiction Page - Part 2
Better Living Through Morganite, Part I. (Day 66)

Better Living Through Morganite, Part II. (Day 68)

Grendlers In The Myst (Day 72)

The Greatest Love Story Never Told (Week 11-14)

Brave New Pacifica (Week 11-14)

The Boy Who Would Be Terrian King (Day 104)

After The Thaw (Day 109)

Survival Of The Fittest (Day 117)

Flower Child (Day 138)

All About Eve (Day 150)

Fan-Fiction Page - Part 3
Trying To Cure Devon

On Way To New Pacifica

At New Pacifica

Fan-Fiction Page - Part 4
Years After

Time Unknown

Fan-Fiction Page - Part 5

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But you can try to enter your comment anyway, maybe I have fixed it already.

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I would like to thank all writters for helping me build this page. All stories are linked here with permission of writers. Stories are saved on this site: Andy's E2 FF site (FTP) and Andy's FF Archive (with Readable stories).

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