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They came, total strangers to natural living, to planet of new chances. Here they all found what they searched for: love, friendship, health, natural living,... and their possible future. At same time they found their worst fears: death, prisoners, ZEDs and Councils conspiracies. They learned to survive and headed towards their only goal: to reach New Pacifica and build colony to save children.
This page is dedicated to them, also known as Eden Advance Team.

You are visitor here since 4th November 1998 (I moved site and I had to change counters). I just hope you are Colonist, and not Penal colonist, Grendler, ZED or Council Spy?

Note (Please read)!

In last years I am running out of time, since my real life is taking away my cyber existence. If you have been here in last years you probably noticed that nothing has changed. This is correct. Since I have no more time to dedicate to this "project", pages will stay as they are now and I won't be doing any updates. But if you see something not working please take a time and send me a line, so I can fix it (I will find time for that). One of nice people send me such a note (thanks Steve) and so followup is this note and some changes to this pages. All links to ftp site were changes and now you can again access sounds and pictures from episodes, which were deleted after one nasty computer crash about year ago. Also page with E2 Soundtrack was updated, with 192kbit MP3's.

As you can all seen the E2 FF page has same problem as this one. No time to update it. I have also made some change there so that at least some stories from E2 list are available there.

That's all for now folks.
Andy (E-Mail) October 2002

Characters and actors:

Devon Adair (Debrah Farentino)
John Danzinger (Clancy Brown)
Alonzo Solace (Antonio Sabato Jr.)
Dr. Julia Heller M.D. (Jessica Steen)
True Danzinger (J.Madison Wright)
Ulysess Adair (Joey Zimmerman)
Bess Martin (Rebecca Gayheart)
Morgan Martin(John Gegenhuber)
Yale (Sullivan Walker)

Other cast

Writers, Directors, Players and Other people

Some usefull data:

About Eden Project
About G889
About Time of Earth 2
About Council
About Natives on G889
About Technical Equipment


Episode Guide by Ariadne
Fan Fiction
Books, Magazines and Scripts
Earth 2 Credits
Earth 2 Episode Guide
Earth 2 FAQ!


Cast pictures
Aliens (Natives) pictures
Technical Equipment pictures
Other pictures

Sometimes in past, NetZine produced pictures from Earth 2 series, and now they are doing it again. NetZine address is


Earth 2 Fan Clubs
Fan Fiction Stories
Mailing lists
Earth 2 Chats, IRC channels and other

New Pacificon (Earth 2 Convention):

Site from last (1st) E2 convention is now closed, but on one other site there are still some pictures from New Pacificon 96. Page for next Earth 2 convention (New Pacificon 98) is maintained by Elisabeth, and can be found here.

Other Earth 2 Stuff:

Usenet newsgroup:
Earth 2 FTP Site
Mine Earth 2 FTP Site
Addresses from actors
A.j.'s E2 FAQ (text vresion)
Annie's E2 FAQ (Real one)
Misc Earth 2 Stuff
Movie Web - TV Merchandise (also E2)
Art Vision Merchandise (also E2)

Multimedia Earth 2 Pages:

As you all may know, while ago I decided to put on this page, few digitized pictures from some episodes, and also some sounds. Here they are, but as I said, they are from just few episodes. If someone has more, he/she should contact me. Earth 2 Sound files
Earth 2 Picture files.

Earth 2 Pages:

I have decided to make special page for Earth 2 pages. This page can be get here. This is not just list of pages, but has also little description of page and it's owner listed. I also decided to keep just index page of Earth 2 sites with active and also not-active pages. I have updated it a little, but they are not finished yet.

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